29 September 2004


One of my favorite knitting sites is knitty. Cool knitting patterns, plus helpful articles.

And speaking of Miniature Wild Kingdom (see post below), this morning in the garage I almost stepped on a Black Widow that was scurrying across the floor. I had bare feet, too. I sprayed the creature to death with bug spray. I actually feel guilty about this, but, especially with little kids around, I can't risk having dangerous creepy crawlies around the house!

20 September 2004

I just learned that a new knitting store has opened in Turlock. Hooray! Previously, the nearest one was over 45 minutes away. I haven't visited it yet. It's called Purls & Girls, at 117 W. Main St. I already have plenty of yarn to last me a while, but something tells me I'll be visiting soon.

It's been Miniature Wild Kingdom in my house lately, and here's a picture of one scene, taken on my family room wall. Yay, spider! Anybody know what kind it is?

16 September 2004

kindergarten queries

Allison asked two good questions this week. My second favorite was, "Mom, when you were a kid, did they have beds?" No, we slept on mastodon furs on the cave ground. My very favorite was, "How come they didn't make us with tails?" I don't know who "they" are, but this is a very good question. I told her it was because our pants wouldn't fit right, but she wasn't satisfied with that answer.
As if playing 20 questions online wasn't a thorough enough waste of time, a colleague just sent me a link to Betty Bowers. Thanks, Jeanie!

This is my book, complete with semi-lurid cover.

My book

I'm putting in a small commercial plug here. This is a book I wrote on hate crimes. You can order it through Amazon, too. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled blog....

15 September 2004


Here's a good way to waste valuable time: 20Q.net. It guessed "magazine" in 19 questions, but couldn't figure out "princess".

14 September 2004

My current WIP--an adaptation of the Orchid Leaf Pi shawl using 100% undyed alpaca in (probably) sport weight. Doesn't look like much on the needles, but I can't wait to finish it and block it.

first things first

I enjoy other people's craft-related blogs, so I thought I'd start one myself. I plan to occasionally post about my works-in-progress and ideas. I might also include links to fun shopping sites I find. I promise not to bore you with endless details about my personal life, but, in case you care...I'm a Criminal Justice professor in California, I have 2 daughters (Allison and Quinn, currently ages almost-5 and 19 months), my pets are Ruthie the Saint Bernard and Furgie the cat, and my husband is an accountant.