30 September 2006

Addiction Additions

I haven't yet ordered that scarf kit from Habu. However, I did stock up on a bit of Lorna's Laces from Angelika's Yarn Store. I'm working on a project now that uses Lion and Lamb (no, not another clapotis) and I was afraid I'd run short. I've ordered from Angelika's before, and they have an excellent stock of LL yarn, and they ship quickly. I also signed up for the Kureyon Club at Yarniverse. They send you a single skein of a new color of Kureyon every 5 weeks or so for 8.95 including shipping. The general idea is to enable a Lizard Ridge throw, which looks like fun. They also include a pattern with each package. I was impressed with them. I placed my order on Wednesday, and had my Noro by Saturday (they're in Memphis and I'm in California). I know I don't need more Noro, but....

Meantime, I'm working away with my my Lion & Lamb, which I think is the most absolutely scrumptious yarn in the world to knit with. I enjoy every bit as it passes through my fingers.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm involved in several swaps right now. I have several going through Gimme Your Stuff, which is tons of fun (in various stages, I'm swapping with people in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, England, Romania, and the Netherlands--my swap with Germany's complete). And, after having had great pals in the One Skein Swap and the Whose Lace Is It Anyway Swap, I'm now in the midst of the International Tote Exchange II and the International Scarf Exchange. I've already sent my packages out. And my scarf pal, who's busy world traveling (with my scarf!), has sent me postcards from Zurich and Mozambique! How cool is that? I now have cards from all the continents except Antarctica (not holding my breath on that one, either). I've also signed up for Secret Pal 9.

28 September 2006

New FO

I finished this hat tonight. The pattern is Lacecap from Knitty, and the yarn is a first for me: 100% yak from Copper Ridge. This is one of those yarns that's been in my stash a while. Hubby's friend's girlfriend asked me to make her a hat, and then chose this yarn from my stash and the pattern from several I showed her. I think she'll like it. The yarn is interesting. It has a soft core but sort of scratchy guard hairs. It's a beautiful natural chocolate color. I think this will be a nice winter hat for our climate.

Hypothetically Speaking

Okay, here's a moral dilemma for today. Let us suppose a hypothetical knitter has enough yarn in her stash and little enough free time that she could keep busy for probably 2 years without replenishing her stock. And let us further suppose that this knitter has recently completed three projects that have made use of yarn that has been languishing in her stash for some time. Finally, let us suppose that this knitter has seen a scarf kit she really, really wants. Would it be ethically correct for this knitter to purchase the scarf kit??

Just hypothetically, of course.

And speaking of ideas for using stash, Interweave Press has a page called "Knitting for a Better World," which lists knitting-related charities around the world.

And speaking of things I want, I've had a hankering for a while for a Print Gocco. Unfortunately, the manufacturer's not making them anymore, and they sell for fairly big bucks on eBay. The last one I bid on eventually sold (to someone else) for $164. Too rich for my blood.

24 September 2006

Insect Friend

Yesterday Hubby was hacking back some shrubbery when he discovered a praying mantis. It's probably the same one I'd relocated to that shrub the week before, when I was hacking back my oregano. He scooped into a bug jar for the Things to admire for a few minutes, and the Thing 1 went to release it onto the (somewhat tamed) oregano. Unexpectedly, it hopped onto her hand. She was delighted, and kept that hand steady for some time. I managed to get a few pix.

If you look closely you can probably make the bug out. It seemed quite content on her hand.

If her smile looks strained, it's probably because she'd been keeping her hand raised and still for several minutes at this point!

Here's a close-up.

Thanks, Nance!

A little while back, I posted a picture of a scarf, the second thing I ever knitted. I mentioned that the first thing I made was a doll blanket for my sister, and it was now long gone. I was wrong!

It turns out that Nancy (who has a cool craft business) still owns that blanket. And here it is, in all its glory. Isn't that great that she saved it for over 20 years and through several long-distance moves?

23 September 2006


I can show Hubby this one, too.

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Another Globe

Peg sent a great snowglobe from Alaska! Thanks, Peg! I love the moose, and Thing 1 will, too.

And here is Thing 2 playing soccer this morning:

Nothing is guaranteed to get you laughing as much as watching 3 year olds play soccer. And it's okay to laugh, because they're having a wonderful time. :-)

22 September 2006

Scarf Finished

Last night I finished my scarf for the International Scarf Exchange. I really like how it turned out. The yarn is some Interlacements Carolina I've had in my stash for a while. It's gorgeous yarn, and it has a nice bit of sheen to it because it's a Rayon/Cotton/Flax blend. I've been waiting to find just the right project for it. The pattern is My So-Called Scarf, a fun easy pattern that shows off short color changes especially well.

21 September 2006


Don't tell Thing 1, but Susan has sent her a beautiful snowglobe from the Houston Zoo (where Susan has one of the coolest jobs in the world). Thing 1 will get the surprise on her birthday in a couple of weeks. Thank you, Susan!

20 September 2006

Must-see PC

CRAFT Magazine posted a link today to this short film. It's a must-see.

Winners of the 2006 World Stupidity Awards.

Hah! Can I show this to Hubby next time we argue??

You Are Incredibly Logical

Move over Spock - you're the new master of logic

You think rationally, clearly, and quickly.

A seasoned problem solver, your mind is like a computer!

16 September 2006


This is the purse I just finished for the International Tote Exchange II. I began with the pattern for Sophie, but mad several additions and changes. It's knitted from Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs & Butterflies. I'm very happy with how it turned out; I hope my partner likes it!

Now I have to finish a scarf I have about half-done for the Scarf Exchange. I'm liking how it's turning out, too, especially because I'm using some really nice yarn from my stash. I've had it for a while and up to now hadn't found the perfect project for it.

I guess Thing 1 was inspired when she saw me sewing in the purse lining, so she asked me to teach her to sew. We came up with this project. She drew a design on burlap and is using a plastic tapestry needle to outline her design in yarn. It's using up some of my old acrylic I had stashed away. She's being amazingly patient with this project and is doing beautiful work for her first time. She tends toward a tiny touch of OCD anyway, so sewing carefully on the lines is right up her alley.
Meanwhile, Thing 2 started soccer today. Want to have a healthy laugh? Watch a dozen or so 3-year-olds on their first day of soccer practice! She had fun, anyway.

And finally, I have to post this picture of Ruthie.
Hubby is still working on his painting project. Today he removed the child safety gate that usually separates the living room from the rest of the downstairs and he patched up the holes it made in the wall. But he still needed to keep Ruthie away when he was painting--Saint Bernards do NOT make good painting assistants. So I made this barrier with 2 empty laundry hampers. Obviously, Ruthie could go right over or through them easily, but see how good she was?

15 September 2006


I just completed a swap via Gimmeyourstuff.com. My package from Siggi in Germany arrived today! It was a heavy package, too, and I was sooo excited to receive it. As you can see, Siggi sent me a huge collection of wonderful things--yarn, knitting magazines and books, snacks, German souvenirs, and her own beautiful handmade cards. She even sent treats for Ruthie!

Among other things, she sent soccer pasta. Which is perfect, because Thing 2 starts soccer tomorrow. Now we can have an appropriate--and imported--dinner to celebrate.

This swap was so much fun! You can see the goodies I sent her on her blog here.

Thank you, Siggi!!

Mmmm and Awwww and Arrgggh

Last night, Hubby took me out to a new fancy Italian restaurant for a Grownup Dinner. This is a really rare event for us, and it was nice. Even nicer, I had leftover appetizer for lunch today. That's pizza with herbed cream cheese, smoked salmon, onions, capers, and dill, and creme fraiche drizzled on top. Mmmmm.

This morning there was enough of a fall chill to the air that the Things wore jackets to school. And Thing 1 was in Helper Mode. She made her sister breakfast (poptarts and milk) and then I snapped this pic:

Of course, this is the same child who got sent to the Principal's office today for hugging and kissing boys.


13 September 2006

Time Travel

This is the second thing I ever knitted.
My first project was, essentially, an oversized, mis-shapen swatch. I created it when my Mom taught me to knit, when I was 17. I gave it to my little sister, who used it as a doll blanket, and it has long since been lost to the sands of time.
I made the scarf next. I was a freshman in college, and I made it for my then-boyfriend (whom you now know as Hubby).
It was made from the very best acrylic yarn I could find at the grocery store.
I hadn't discovered ribbing yet, so I made the whole thing in stockinette. Which was okay, because I also hadn't discovered gauge swatching yet, and it ended up twice as wide as I wanted. So I folded it in half and seamed it. As you can see, I did a stellar job of seaming:

I used to work on this scarf in my dorm's lounge. Obviously one of the green sections was knitted during or just after a dorm party because--and Mom, if you're reading this, avert your attention for a while--:

Lesson: Do Not Knit under the Influence.

Mom, you can look again now.

I added a row of buttons for some reason.

I don't know if Hubby ever actually wore the scarf. Maybe once or twice when we moved to Nebraska and he was desperate. To his credit, he kept it through several moves and over 2 decades. It now resides in our closet. Someday we can pass it down to the Things.

And speaking of Things, you must visit BedJump.com. If you scroll down a bit, you may see a familiar face.

12 September 2006

Two weeks...

that's how long it took the USPS to get a package from Massachusetts to California. But it was well worth the wait! Look what I got from Cece, my Lace Swap secret pal:

You're looking at some really lovely silk/wool blend yarn in teal. It's gorgeous--soft as a cloud and light. I keep sort of hugging the cone. :-) The pattern is Fiber Trends River Scarf and Stole, which I really like. I can definitely picture myself in that stole. Cece also sent a chart holder from KnitPicks. She must be psychic, because I'd been ogling it lately on the KnitPicks website and wondering if Hubby would notice if I ordered it. And she knows I'm an NPR junkie, so she sent me a mug, too. Thanks so much, Cece, for the wonderful package!! I am so glad the post office didn't lose it forever.


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11 September 2006

Monday Monday

Still looking for snowglobes! :-) I can trade you something very rare from here, such as, uh, Saint Bernard fur.

I just submitted my brilliant(?) design to Knitty for the Winter issue. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I noticed, too that the Fall Knitty is up. Fortunately, nothing in this issue is calling to me too loudly, because I already have an enormous project backlog. Yesterday, Hubby's friend's girlfriend commissioned me to make her a hat and scarf. We went shopping in my stash (delaying a poker-game-in-progress) and found something she likes. So that's next, after I finish my tote for the International Tote Exchange (just needs embellishing) and my scarf for the International Scarf Exchange (began last night).

And Cece, still no package. Fooey.

***Added: Just as I was saving the post above, Cece left me a comment in my last post. Cross-country synchronicity! Cece, we'd love one from Boston! Do you still have my address?

08 September 2006

A big favor!

I have a big request of you. Thing 1 has begun a collection of snow globes. See? It's a fun little thing to collect, plus she's learning some geography out of it.

Her birthday is coming up in a month, and I thought it'd be fun to surprise her with some additions to her collection.

Soooo...if you happen to live near anyplace touristy that might have snow globes, could you send us one? I will reimburse your expenses or send you back some treats from Northern California--your choice. If you can manage this, please email me at dephalqu[at]yahoo.com, or leave me a comment with your email address, and I'll send you my snail address. Thank you!!

07 September 2006


Cece, still no package. :-( But the post office once sent one of my packages from California to Oregon by way of Georgia. It took over 3 weeks, but it did get there eventually. So I will be patient. :-)

06 September 2006

Wednesday Links

A few interesting links for Wednesday:
  • Save the Children's website has a Caps to the Capital page. It has information on how you can donate knitted or crocheted hats for newborns. They want the hats by January 2, so get knitting! I'm a slow knitter, but even I can finish one of these in an evening, and it's a good way to use leftover yarn. The site has patterns.
  • Knit Like a Pirate
  • Yarnival! A blog carnival of knitting sites.
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster hat
  • I've previously posted links to knitted items that lok like pastries. Well. Clare Crespo's book Hey There, Cupcake! has (edible) cupcakes that look like balls of yarn.
  • I've bought several items from vendors at Etsy lately, and been completely pleased. In particular, check out LingGlass (I could buy everything she makes, but so far have confined myself to one necklace), Penny Lane Designs (beautiful hand-dyed yarn), and Karma's Kreations (my sister's shop!).

05 September 2006


I received my final package today via UPS from Nancy, my One Skein Secret Pal. Here are the contents. She made me a gorgeous hat out of soft soft alpaca in a beautiful hand-dyed blue color, with beads. Here's a closeup:

Nancy also sent me the leftover yarn--enough to make something else nice. And because I'm an academic, she rightly guessed that I'd like a mug from NYU. She even thougtfully included cute NYU stuffies for the Things. Here's Thing 1 modeling them (Thing 2's already in bed):

Thanks so much, Nancy! You've been a wonderful Secret Pal!!

Note to Cece

I've been stuck at work in meetings all day, and won't be home until about 5:30 California time. Now I'm really hoping there will be a package waiting for me when I get there! :-)

UPDATE: It's not here yet. :-( I'm sure the holiday weekend slowed the mail down, though, so I'll look again tomorrow.

02 September 2006


I was posing my feet so I could take a picture of my newly completed pair of socks. Ruthie apparently concluded that it was Family Feet Posing time, and she got up, walked over, and very carefully placed her front feet near mine. If I had pretty furry paws like hers, I wouldn't bother with socks.

I like this yarn a lot. It's Austermann Step, with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil. Very soft and squishy. I'm normally not hugely fond of self-patterning yarns, but I do like this colorway a lot. The pattern itself was just a plain top-down pattern.

PS--Yes, I realize the carpet needs cleaning. You try to keep a carpet clean with one Ruthie and two of these:

01 September 2006


We've been doing some redecorating. Hubby has been painting and we bought a new great big couch.

You can see some of the old furniture waiting to be taken away, plus Ruthie's crate. Hard to find a good place to put a Ruthie-sized crate. She only uses it about once a month, so maybe we'll just put it in the garage.

We had to move the bookshelves to paint, so I took the opportunity to reorganize my books. Here is the hobby- related bookcase.

I hope Blogger will let you click on the pic so you can read the labels. I can't figure out why sometimes clicking on pics works with Blogger and sometimes it doesn't.

Anyway, I have a lot of knitting books. But look! There's a little empty space! In my house, empty bookshelf space acts like a vacuum, pulling more books towards itself, because nature abhors a vacuum (and I abhor vacuuming, but that's another story).

For the craftroom/guestroom, I bought some sets of wire crates to store my yarn addiction stash. I thought I was capable of assembling them, because I have before. But 2 hours, a temper tantrum, and a sore hand later, here's what I have:

&^%$!! (Yes, some of the back pieces have fallen off). I give up. I guess Hubby can finish that project tonight. Then I can move my stash into its new home. Only one problem--it will now be out in the open, in one place, and Hubby is going to realize just how much yarn I own. Well, he can't complain too much, because this is what his work-out room looks like:

This is only one corner, but you get the idea. The whole room is filled with Simpsons crap. Which, I might point out, cannot be knitted into useful items.