13 September 2006

Time Travel

This is the second thing I ever knitted.
My first project was, essentially, an oversized, mis-shapen swatch. I created it when my Mom taught me to knit, when I was 17. I gave it to my little sister, who used it as a doll blanket, and it has long since been lost to the sands of time.
I made the scarf next. I was a freshman in college, and I made it for my then-boyfriend (whom you now know as Hubby).
It was made from the very best acrylic yarn I could find at the grocery store.
I hadn't discovered ribbing yet, so I made the whole thing in stockinette. Which was okay, because I also hadn't discovered gauge swatching yet, and it ended up twice as wide as I wanted. So I folded it in half and seamed it. As you can see, I did a stellar job of seaming:

I used to work on this scarf in my dorm's lounge. Obviously one of the green sections was knitted during or just after a dorm party because--and Mom, if you're reading this, avert your attention for a while--:

Lesson: Do Not Knit under the Influence.

Mom, you can look again now.

I added a row of buttons for some reason.

I don't know if Hubby ever actually wore the scarf. Maybe once or twice when we moved to Nebraska and he was desperate. To his credit, he kept it through several moves and over 2 decades. It now resides in our closet. Someday we can pass it down to the Things.

And speaking of Things, you must visit BedJump.com. If you scroll down a bit, you may see a familiar face.

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KarmasKreations said...

Wow, I didn't know you remembered that doll blanket you had knitted for me! Surprise, I still have it! Here's a pic of it