28 April 2010

I'm alive!

Long time no hear, huh?

So, all my books are currently in print. I'm trying out this new Amazon thingy; the links should be in this post. I'm about to begin work on co-writing another textbook as well. So no, haven't done any knitting in a long time.

My other big news is I was granted a Fulbright scholarship to Croatia. I'll be spending Spring 2011 in Zagreb, and DD1 will be going with (DH and DD2 will visit). I'm pretty excited about it, to say the least. I hope to get in as much travel around Europe as I can while we're there, so if anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them.I just ordered some Croatian language CDs; we'll see if we can pick up a little of the labguage before we get there!