16 July 2008

Finally an update

Sorry about the lack of blogging. I'm teaching a summer class right now that's short but intense. It'll be over on Sunday afternoon. :-)

I finished the outfit for that doll I knitted. Here he is, completely dressed and posed with some of his favorite music. Which I've been listening to a lot lately, too. Maybe I'm having a midlife crisis and reliving my youth.

Do you recognize him? I don't seem to be able to get a really good picture of him. Well, maybe vampires don't photograph well, sorta like they don't cast reflections.

And, here for your entertainment, is another picture:

This, my friends, is what your house might look like if you had a Saint Bernard. That attractive splotch on our 9-foot ceiling is dog fur, cemented in place by slobber, and flung there by Ruthie.

05 July 2008

Back in California

We're back in California now--flew back yesterday afternoon. But here are a couple pictures from our trip:

Here's Thing 1 as she was getting on the bus to camp.

And here's Thing 2 enjoying pirate day at her camp.

This building is where I lived for 3 years during college. It was my first apartment, and it was a quirky one: the tiny bedroom had 2 doors but no windows. But I liked living there. There's a big park right behind the building, and it was within easy walking distance of campus. See the third window from the left in the front of the building, on the first floor? That was my living room.

I promised the other day that I would post a pic of the knitting project I was working on. This is a pretty crappy pic, but here ya go:

Can you guess who this is? The object he's propped against is a hint, actually. I adapted a pattern from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, the same pattern I'd previously used to make Joey Ramone and Sigmund Freud. I'm still planning to make a shirt and coat for this guy. The knitted version is buffer (hint, hint!) than the real guy, and you'll have to click on the pic to be able to see his very light-colored hair, but I'm pretty satisfied with how he turned out.

In other news, I came home to discover two fun surprises in my pile of mail. First, there was a thank you note from the place where I got my tattoo, which I think is very nice. And second, there was a gorgeous skein of Hand Maiden Sea Silk, sent as a surprise from a generous friend. :-) Boy, that yarn is really scrumptious!

And one more thing. Have you noticed that the Bush Countdown on the left of the screen is now under 200 days?

02 July 2008

Wednesday Night

Thanks for the nice comments on my fused glass plate. You are very kind. :-) I think glass fusing is one of those things where you can make something that looks pretty good even if your talents are limited!

On other creative fronts, I've posted another story on LiveJournal, and I'm finishing up a fun little knitted project. I'll fill you in on the details and post pix when it's done.

Thing 1 made it back from camp. She had a great time, and sustained only minor injuries. She received a certificate for being the "Most Athletic," which actually isn't surprising for her, but is seriously ironic for my offspring. She lost her backpack and disposable camera, but both were found. She got a sunburn on her nose (despite the sunscreen I packed). She decided, after discussing the matter with the other 4th graders in her cabin, that she now needs a bra. :-)

We're down to our last couple days in Portland. I have managed to make 4 separate trips to Powell's this time, including 3 different locations (I went to the main downtown one twice). And tonight I went to this place, because it's one of those stores I've passed a zillion times (it's a block from Powell's), and always been curious about, but never managed to visit. Turns out it's way fun (I scored glow in the dark skull and crossbones stockings!), and the heavily pierced and tattooed sales staff are really chirpy and nice. Who knew?