23 July 2010


I'm in Washington, DC this week for meetings related to next year's adventure in Zagreb. Spike accompanied me for a little tourism.

The US Supreme Court
The Capitol, from atop the steps at the US Supreme Court.
Well, yeah.
Meeting the Pres.
Getting ready for our trip.

04 July 2010


Knatolee has posted some lovely bug pictures lately, and look what I found munching on my tomatillo plant this evening. I think it's a sphinx moth caterpillar of some kind. It's about 3 inches long.
It has very impressive teeth!

02 July 2010

Look! I did something crafty!

When is the last time I knitted? Forever ago, sadly. But I recently acquired a Kindle and decided to put my minimal sewing skills to use making a cover for it. The pattern is here. I owned the fabric and other supplies already, so my cost was zilch. The results?

This is one side of the cover when it's closed. It's less than an inch thick even with the Kindle inside.

Here's the other side. Pink is normally not my thing, but I really love this fabric.

And here it is open. You can fold it flat or prop it like an easel. Spike and Angel approve, I think, as does John Steinbeck.