11 September 2006

Monday Monday

Still looking for snowglobes! :-) I can trade you something very rare from here, such as, uh, Saint Bernard fur.

I just submitted my brilliant(?) design to Knitty for the Winter issue. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I noticed, too that the Fall Knitty is up. Fortunately, nothing in this issue is calling to me too loudly, because I already have an enormous project backlog. Yesterday, Hubby's friend's girlfriend commissioned me to make her a hat and scarf. We went shopping in my stash (delaying a poker-game-in-progress) and found something she likes. So that's next, after I finish my tote for the International Tote Exchange (just needs embellishing) and my scarf for the International Scarf Exchange (began last night).

And Cece, still no package. Fooey.

***Added: Just as I was saving the post above, Cece left me a comment in my last post. Cross-country synchronicity! Cece, we'd love one from Boston! Do you still have my address?


Cece said...

Yep - still have your address... but I'll have to find the actaul globe. I'm going into Boston on Sept 23rd.

And WTF on the package. I sent it on August 31st!!!! I have sent packages to Austrila that have taken less time. Grrrrr.

Kelly said...

How exciting I'll keep everything crossed! I will look around and see if I can find you a CT snow globe.

dephal said...

Cece, I dunno what's up with the USPS, but I bet that package is floating around somewhere between us. It'll probably show up eventually. Maybe it's taken a detour to Australia.

And thanks for the good wishes, Kelly. A CT globe would be great!

Robin's Reports said...

Hi Phyllis and Ruthie!

We were ever careful to slide the octopus onto a cutting board and dump it over the side of the boat. None of us wanted to touch it. I took a lot of photos to use for drawing purposes later.

I love your blog. - ps... I was blogging about our beach day when your wrote me. Check out our beach pictures.