28 September 2006

Hypothetically Speaking

Okay, here's a moral dilemma for today. Let us suppose a hypothetical knitter has enough yarn in her stash and little enough free time that she could keep busy for probably 2 years without replenishing her stock. And let us further suppose that this knitter has recently completed three projects that have made use of yarn that has been languishing in her stash for some time. Finally, let us suppose that this knitter has seen a scarf kit she really, really wants. Would it be ethically correct for this knitter to purchase the scarf kit??

Just hypothetically, of course.

And speaking of ideas for using stash, Interweave Press has a page called "Knitting for a Better World," which lists knitting-related charities around the world.

And speaking of things I want, I've had a hankering for a while for a Print Gocco. Unfortunately, the manufacturer's not making them anymore, and they sell for fairly big bucks on eBay. The last one I bid on eventually sold (to someone else) for $164. Too rich for my blood.


Ana said...

Oh Yes Yes Yes!

You can never have to much yarn!

You never know when they will run out!

dephal said...
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dephal said...

Thanks, Ana! I'll show your comment to Hubby if he complains. :-)