12 September 2006

Two weeks...

that's how long it took the USPS to get a package from Massachusetts to California. But it was well worth the wait! Look what I got from Cece, my Lace Swap secret pal:

You're looking at some really lovely silk/wool blend yarn in teal. It's gorgeous--soft as a cloud and light. I keep sort of hugging the cone. :-) The pattern is Fiber Trends River Scarf and Stole, which I really like. I can definitely picture myself in that stole. Cece also sent a chart holder from KnitPicks. She must be psychic, because I'd been ogling it lately on the KnitPicks website and wondering if Hubby would notice if I ordered it. And she knows I'm an NPR junkie, so she sent me a mug, too. Thanks so much, Cece, for the wonderful package!! I am so glad the post office didn't lose it forever.


Kelly said...

It looks like it was worth the wait. Great package!

Cece said...


Glad the mug made the trip in one piece.

I think I forgot to add that there is about 1700 yards of that lace weight... enjoy!