24 September 2006

Insect Friend

Yesterday Hubby was hacking back some shrubbery when he discovered a praying mantis. It's probably the same one I'd relocated to that shrub the week before, when I was hacking back my oregano. He scooped into a bug jar for the Things to admire for a few minutes, and the Thing 1 went to release it onto the (somewhat tamed) oregano. Unexpectedly, it hopped onto her hand. She was delighted, and kept that hand steady for some time. I managed to get a few pix.

If you look closely you can probably make the bug out. It seemed quite content on her hand.

If her smile looks strained, it's probably because she'd been keeping her hand raised and still for several minutes at this point!

Here's a close-up.


Kelly said...

What cool picture!

Nancy said...

That's a great shot. My oldest son would never let a bug get that close to him...ever! My youngest might.

Knatolee said...

I am so glad you are raising girls who are unafraid of bugs!!!!!! Great shot.