01 September 2006


We've been doing some redecorating. Hubby has been painting and we bought a new great big couch.

You can see some of the old furniture waiting to be taken away, plus Ruthie's crate. Hard to find a good place to put a Ruthie-sized crate. She only uses it about once a month, so maybe we'll just put it in the garage.

We had to move the bookshelves to paint, so I took the opportunity to reorganize my books. Here is the hobby- related bookcase.

I hope Blogger will let you click on the pic so you can read the labels. I can't figure out why sometimes clicking on pics works with Blogger and sometimes it doesn't.

Anyway, I have a lot of knitting books. But look! There's a little empty space! In my house, empty bookshelf space acts like a vacuum, pulling more books towards itself, because nature abhors a vacuum (and I abhor vacuuming, but that's another story).

For the craftroom/guestroom, I bought some sets of wire crates to store my yarn addiction stash. I thought I was capable of assembling them, because I have before. But 2 hours, a temper tantrum, and a sore hand later, here's what I have:

&^%$!! (Yes, some of the back pieces have fallen off). I give up. I guess Hubby can finish that project tonight. Then I can move my stash into its new home. Only one problem--it will now be out in the open, in one place, and Hubby is going to realize just how much yarn I own. Well, he can't complain too much, because this is what his work-out room looks like:

This is only one corner, but you get the idea. The whole room is filled with Simpsons crap. Which, I might point out, cannot be knitted into useful items.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to touch bases and let you know that I am trying to decide what type of bag you want. Any hints!
Your International Tote Pal

dephal said...

Hi, Pal!
I'm really not picky. I do love felted bags, and some of my favorite yarns are Manos, Noro, and Lorna's Laces. I tend to prefer a strap I can put around my neck, rather than one I have to caryy in my hand. I tend to like ethnic/boho looks or graphic looks, rather than cutesy. You can see a couple of bags I've made for myself on my posts for August 4, 2006 and Sept. 7, 2005.
But really, why don't you make whatever *you* like, and I'll bet I'll love it! I like surprises. :-)

Knatolee said...

Man, your yarn is WAY WAY more useful than all that Simpsons crap. WAY!