05 September 2006


I received my final package today via UPS from Nancy, my One Skein Secret Pal. Here are the contents. She made me a gorgeous hat out of soft soft alpaca in a beautiful hand-dyed blue color, with beads. Here's a closeup:

Nancy also sent me the leftover yarn--enough to make something else nice. And because I'm an academic, she rightly guessed that I'd like a mug from NYU. She even thougtfully included cute NYU stuffies for the Things. Here's Thing 1 modeling them (Thing 2's already in bed):

Thanks so much, Nancy! You've been a wonderful Secret Pal!!


Kelly said...

What a great package! Love the hat.

Anonymous said...

What great gifts! I've had some fun browsing your blog and have come up with some ideas for your scarf (and a couple of little extras). You'll be hearing from me again!

Your Secret Scarf Pal

Nancy said...

I'm so glad you like all your stuff!

You've been very easy to please;)