27 October 2005

Clapotis est fini

Allison is modeling my clapotis, fini. I'm very pleased with the scarf, which ended up using about 3 1/3 skeins of yarn. Allison looks a little strange in this pic because (1) she just returned from the dentist, and her mouth is numb, (2) she's about to leave for gymnastics, hence the leotard, and (3) they're having a Halloween party at gymnastics today, hence the hot pink hair.

I should mention that Angelika's got my extra yarn to me within 3 days, and the dye lots seem to be a good match.

I am looking forward to taking my clapotis to Europe with me.


Knatolee said...

How did I miss this? It's beautiful!!! Cute model, too.

Knatolee said...

Oops, I should have said:

"C'est très belle, ma chère. Quelles couleurs! Tu vas être très chic pendant ta visite à France."

Oh my God, I have forgotten so much French... I was practically bilingual when I lived in Montréal!

dephal said...

Merci! J'ai oblie le Francias que j'ai etudies dans le lycee. Quel dommage! Maybe it will come back to me when I'm in Paris. Maybe just wearing my clapotis will enable me to speak fluently a la Francais?