12 January 2009


I love my clapotis scarf. Perfect for walking around Warsaw in January. :-) And I like Warsaw a lot. Today I ate potato pancakes and bliny and I learned to say thank you, and I gave a lecture to my friend's students. And I bought a Polish punk CD, by a band named Dezerter. It was sunny and maybe 30-ish outside today. Right now at 11pm it's 9 degrees.


Knatolee said...

Havea great time! Is it toasty warm? Not here! By Thursday, the high here is supposed to be -21C. By Friday, the LOW is supposed to be -31C. January!!

Eat some yummy comforting food for me.

dephal said...

Brrr! It's not that cold here, anyway. And all the insides of buildings here are overheated--Europeans are much better at heating than air conditioning. :-)

Lots pf comfort food here. Pierogi. Mmmm.

Knatolee said...

I woke up this morning to -35F. It's supposed to get warmer on the weekend!

Pierogi, SCORE!!!!

dephal said...

Okay, -35F is officially COLD!! Brrr.

And I had the pierogi at a genuine milk bar. Those are Soviet-era holdovers which have to be experienced to be believed. Lots of beige starchy foods, the only veggie in sight is sauerkraut, and you can fill your stomach for about $2 or so.