21 February 2009


I found this note outside my bedroom door this afternoon:

Dear Mom and Dad. Ples. Let me and [Thing 1] do wat ever we want. Pleas! If you
do I will give you geys hugs and kissis evry day and evry niht. From [Thing 2]
to Mom and Dad. And buy the way look on yuor bed now! And I men it!

She'd wrapped up a toy treasure chest in a kleenex and left it on our bed.
So, is this a good deal? We let her do what ever she wants and we get hugs and kisses every day and night. Incidentally, this is the same child who just this afternoon had a birthday party, attended by 15 kids, at the gymnastics place. Deprived kid.

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Knatolee said...

I am HIGHLY suspicious of this offer!!! ;))