08 September 2005

Truth in advertising, finding religion, alpaca crack

Possibly one of the 10 best commercials, ever. Really. And this is funny, too.

Have you found the Lord yet? No?? Try this! Some religious group sent a flyer home with my Thing 1 today (from public school) which stated, "Release time for religion, an important part of education, is provided for by state law and school board policy...." Parents are supposed to sign a permission form so kids could attend "Release Time Rallies." After visiting this website, I think it's time to schedule my own Release Time Rally.

Last night I skipped over to my husband to show him my KnitPicks loot. He said, "Oh. That's what crack looks like." He knows me too well.


Anonymous said...
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Knatolee said...

Finaly, a religion I would actually consider joining! :D