08 December 2005

Knit this!

You wouldn't think anything could top the knitted womb from Knitty, but here ya go: an entire knitted digestive system, all the way from tongue to anus! I doubt I'll be knitting this one myself anytime soon, but you gotta admire the effort. At this rate, eventually one could knit an entire anatomically correct human being. Elsewhere on Matie Trewe's web pages, she has a knitted donut and a shrug with lacey skulls.


Knatolee said...

And here I thought *I* was creative... ;)

Crowzma said...

You know, I just thought I'd click on "dephal" from Knatolee.blogspot.com, since I kept seeing the name in the comments of a couple of blogs I read. So, here I am, and what can I say? A knitted womb? My, my.

dephal said...

Just had to see who that person was, huh? ;-) Well, welcome, Crowzma!

If I remember right, Phyllis D. actually made the knitted womb, and Knatolee had a pic of the result on her blog a while back.

Knatolee said...

Phyllis D. DID knit a womb, and here it is on my blog:


But really, I think that digestive system trumps the womb!

Anonymous said...

I did actually make the knitted womb. The ob/gyn friend I sent it to said I could make a fortune selling them. I am not sure what she did with it but I think it's living in her home office. I saw the Knitty digestive system and thought "over my dead body." Wombs are fun and cute. There is nothing cute about the digestion system.

Phyllis D. who still can't remember her blogger log in...(airhead!)