07 December 2005

Moebius Basket

Felted Moebius Basket from Cat Bordhi's Second Treasury of Magical Knitting. It took me several tries to get the moebius cast-on correct, during which I did not lose my patience, because casting on incorrectly multiple times is still more fun than grading papers. I like this cute little guy because:
  1. Once I figured out the cast-on, it was a very quick project
  2. It used a single skein of variegated Manos that I couldn't not buy (oh, I do love Manos), but which I had no use for
  3. It's felted. I love felting--it's like magic
  4. It's a moebius, which is just kinda cool
  5. I can put stuff in it


Knatolee said...

This is PRECIOUS! WHo is the lucky recipiet? Or would that be you?

Knatolee said...

Look who can't type. That was supposed to be "recipient". Anyway, *I* am the lucky recipient! And I am SO happy. It is just the coolest thing. Too bad more people don't read your blog. I want to brag to everyone.

Thank YOU!!! YOu are awesome. :)))

Anonymous said...

Does this mean if I say "Ruthie is adorable" or "I really admire Thing 1" that you will send one of them to me?

Given the current poop level here, could you sent Thing 1 in that adorable sweater you knit before she was born, and not darling Ruthie?

Phyllis, who still can't remember her *(*^%%(# password

dephal said...

You don't know how tempting your offer is, Phyllis, especially at the end of a school vacation! Heck, I'd bet Thing 1 would loooove a trip east!

And if you're already full-up on poop, you definitely don't need Ruthie.