28 March 2009

Another note

I have the latest note from Thing2 to share. She wrote this Wednesday evening, when I was at ceramics class. She's supposed to be tucked into bed by the time I get home, and I think Hubby's been threatening her with my wrath if she isn't:

Dear Dad:
I wont to stay up lat. Asck Mom if she found me stayying up lat would she
be angy or happy. Is she ses she wold be angry, tell me thet she would be angry.
And if she sais she would be happy, tell me she wold be happy.
From: [Thing2]
To: Daddy

Obviously, I'm ecstatic when she stays up lat.

T2 had yet another birthday party to attend today, this one also 45 minutes away. But I didn't mind, actually, because it was at a park, and it was 78 degrees out with a tiny breeze, and I got to sit at a picnic bench and do some work on my laptop for 2 hours in perfect weather. The drive was down a bunch of country roads, and that's fun in my Mini. And all the cows and horses and goats have babies now, which is fun, too. We saw a big bunny, too. Plus, somebody we drove by keeps 3 camels (Bactrians--2 humps!) in a corral by the side of the road. I have no idea why.

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