24 March 2009

Here I am

Contrary to appearances, I have not disappeared off the face of the Earth. This has been the spring semester from hell, and I'm going to be so happy when June rolls around. We just planned out big family vacation for the summer. While the kids are at camp, Hubby and I will visit Vancouver and Victoria. Because although I've been to places like Warsaw and Zagreb and Bratislava, I've never been to Canada. And that's weird. Then we'll all have time to visit with the family in Portland. Yay!

I had a birthday last week. Got some great loot. Hubby gave me an espresso machine, which I'm very excited about, but haven't had time to learn to use. I could use intense caffeine. Thing 1 gave me her favorite book and coupons for things like cruises and a trip to Disneyworld. :-)

Thing 2 has had 5 birthday parties to attend in 7 weeks. Social butterfly kid. And they're all in the town where her kindergarten is, 45 minutes away.

The building next to my office has sort of a zig-zag roof. Today a pair of mallards kept flapping to the top of each peak, then sliding down the other side on their ducky butts. It was vastly entertaining to watch.

I haven't knitted in ages. I do have a couple new pottery pieces; I'll post pics soon.


Mim said...

Glad to hear from you. I remember those semesters from hell, but it sounds like you had a nice birthday and are planning a good trip for yourself. Enjoy the caffeine. We're drinking lots of good coffee here in Paris, enjoying every jolt before we return home in a few days.

Angela said...

Welcome back!

I am LOL at your Ducky Butts phrase. It's late and I'm tired and I don't know why, but that's just hilariously funny right now!

I haven't picked up knitting needles since before I hurt my neck. Unfortunately looking down at my lap and holding my arms in one position for a long time does nothing for my neck and back :-( Hoping to work back into it slowly. I want to finish that afghan!

eve said...

congrats to your birthday (even if I'm very late) I hope you had a great day and got some warm thoughts from your friends


dephal said...

Nice to hear from all of you!

Mim--Paris!! I'm jealous! Enjoy.

Angela--I've been nomail so I didn't know you were hurt. I'm sorry. Hope you feel better quickly! Glad you liked the ducky butts. :-)

Eve--Thank you! I had a nice quiet day, which was exactly what I needed.

Knatolee said...

Of COURSE you are visiting BC AFTER I moved!! :)

I love the Victoria Bug Zoo:


Small but fun.

And the Royal BC Museum:


Ooh, what fun! I hope you get decent weather.

dephal said...

I know, doesn't it figure? I've been wanting to go for years. Thanks for the tips!! It'll be mid-July, so the chances for decent weather are good.