13 November 2005

Fashions I Could Live without

I though about this while I was walking across campus the other day. If I were the fashion police (highly unlikely as that may be) I would issue tickets for the following:
  1. Girls in low-cut jeans and tight, belly-baring t-shirts. Is there some sort of tragic fabric shortage?
  2. Suburban white boys in really baggy pants that are worn low and beltless.
  3. Girls in spandex pants with writing across the butt. Your ass is not a billboard.
  4. Boys in baseball caps, especially if worn backwards.
  5. Girls wearing pajama bottoms to class. Is this a fashion statement, or were they too damn lazy to get dressed that morning?
  6. Boys in dyed mohawks. I thought it was kinda cool when I was in high school a long long time ago.
  7. Girls with long fingernails that have fancy art on them. Because (1) these girls can barely function with such long nails and (2) they never seem to have time to study, and yet have hours to get their nails done.


Knatolee said...

I recently saw a teen at a bus stop in Abbotsford. Yes, she was wearing pajama bottoms. I thought to myself, "I must be getting old, because I think it's ridiculous to wear pajama pants as street clothes!"

Wait, I'm not getting old. I'm just getting smarter! :)

And I am see parts of people's bodies these days that no one except their nearest and dearest should have to see!!!! Do you think a modesty trend might follow this era? I'm no prude, but no, I do not need to see the parts you got waxed, thanks.

dephal said...

I'm no prude either, but there are parts of other people's bodies I don't want to see. Maybe there will be a drastic turnaround in fashions, and next year they'll all be draped in burqas.