06 November 2005

On Safari

Friends and I spent the weekend at Safari West. Here are a couple of the animals we met. The giraffe was, obviously, close enough to touch. Looks like he's blowing his coat. The cranky looking cow-thing is a Cape Buffalo. And that ostrich was just a pest.


Knatolee said...

Awww, but the ostrich is so CUTE! Even if he can kick your guts in. :)

dephal said...

He is cute. Too me, though, ostriches always look (and act) slightly crazed. And our guide pointed out that with those big eyes taking up most of their heads, there's not a lot of room for brains. :-) This guy was trying to eat my friend's jacket. At least he wasn't trying to eviscerate us, and he was way more friendlt that those cape buffalo.

Knatolee said...

Don't they have brains the size of peas or something like that? Anyway, I wouldn't want to be in a dark alley one. They do have that look of insanity. :)