30 November 2005

Mixed feelings

The girls discovered the spider this morning when they came downstairs for breakfast (I'd left it on the kitchen table). Quinn laughed and said, "How cute!" and then proceeded to chase her sister around the kitchen with it. Allison pretended to scream.

I don't know whether to be disappointed that they didn't freak out, or proud that they've inherited my taste for creepy-crawly things.


Peg said...

One of my favorite toys when I was a very little girl was a yarn octopus that my 'foster grandmother' made. Must have taken her all of 15 minutes to wind some pink yarn into a ball and cut it, tie a topknot and braid eight legs. Then she made me a smaller brown one and called it a spider. I thought they were just magnificent creations!

dephal said...

Your foster grandmother sounds wonderful. When Allison was born, my grandmother crocheted a clown which I suppose was meant to look cute, but which I think really looks like an Evil Clown. I don't have the heart to get rid of it, now that my grandmother has died. But Al and I would have both preferred a yarn spider or an octopus.

Knatolee said...

Spiders rock! Be proud, my girl, be proud!