28 October 2007


I'm working on a scarf from a Habu Textiles kit. It's going to be a while before I finish it. Life intrudes. It's too bad, too, because I have a fairly strict 1-project rule (Lizard Ridge blocks being the exception to the rule). And Friday I received the newest Blue Moon Sock Club package, which had nifty blackish yarn and a pattern for fun gothic socks. In the meantime, last week, Ruthie turned 9. The average lifespan for Saints is 8-10 years, so 9 is getting up there.

Can you tell she leads a hard, hard life?


Emily said...

A few weeks ago our town had a festival in honor of the farm animals returning from the Alps. They had a parade which was VERY cool and in the parade were probably 25 or so St. Bernards being walked by their owners. I had never seen so much slobber in all my life.

Angela said...

With regard to the scarf, rules are made to be broken! I break mine all the time, often to knit when I should be doing (fill in the blank... dishes, work, sleeping, etc.) Have fun!

And yeah, I can see that Miss Ruthie is really having a rough time. She looks like she's really stressed out, Phyllis! :-)))

I'm still campaigning for a Saint!