12 October 2007

SP11 Package

I got back from Reno last night. It was beautiful. It'd snowed the day before, and they'd plowed the road, but there was a nice bit of snow on the ground. It's rained a good amount here today, which means snow at Donner Pass--I'm glad I got home yesterday. While I was in Reno, I did visit Jimmy Bean's Wool, and I might have managed to acquire a little yarn.

Today's mail brought me a wonderful package from my SP11 pal!!

I can tell she really spent a lot of time reading my blog and choosing my favorites. There's my favorite yarn in my favorite colors, really pretty sock yarn, a Saint memo pad, and See's caramels which I cannot share with the children. Plus, my pal included treats for the Things and spectacular cookies for Ruthie. Here's Ruthie badly wanting the ghost cookie, which was in my hand:

Ruthie was so funny when I gave the cookie to her. She spent a good 10 minutes wandering around the house with it "hidden" in her mouth, trying to find exactly the right spot to eat it. I think she coouldn't believe it was really all hers.

Thank you, Pal!!!

Hubby's family is visiting this weekend. Hubby decided to barbeque, weather be damned:

It's a good thing my MIL was willing to be Umbrella Holder. Note, too, Hubby's attire. He wears shorts year round.


Emily said...

Hooray for Noro! I'm about to order my first skein for the Lizard Ridge. And See's candy...you are too lucky. :)

Anonymous said...



Knatolee said...

You can tell your hubby doesn't live in Canada. I'd like to see him in shorts in January in Ottawa. HAHAHAhA!