31 October 2007

Trick or Treat

Thing 1 had 2 costumes today. For school, she was Jenny the cat from the book Jenny and the Cat Club. I improvised the costume myself. Her tail is part of a feather boa.

This evening. T1 was Cleopatra and T2 was Ariel.

Ruthie helped me pass out treats. She loves Halloween because it means children + candy. Here she is waiting for the next group to arrive.

We went through a LOT of candy. We had probably 300 trick-or-treaters tonight. People drive their kids into our neighborhood on Halloween. Ruthie thought it was wonderful. Almost all of the 300 kids petted her. But her very favorite was a little girl, maybe 6 years old, with Downs syndrome. Ruthie gently and methodically covered her face in kisses, and the girl (who has 4 dogs of her own) was ready to take Ruthie home with her. :-)

Last night, the earth played her own trick on us, and we had an earthquake. It was centered near San Jose, over 80 miles away, and didn't do much damage, but we felt it pretty well here. It didn't wake up T2, who was asleep. T1 thought it was "cool." Ruthie didn't seem to notice.


Robin's Reports said...

While we left for Trunk & Treat, Jackson waited patiently in a dark home. We were hoping nobody would come up and knock but they must have. When we got in, he was alive with energy and couldn't wait to sniff all the ground and run around w/ perked ears.

One of these years, we're going to stay home and hand out candy.

ruthie said...

Awww Your kids are so lovely and Ruthie, OMG!! she's the best!! I wish people would celebrate Halloween here more. I used to when I lived in NYC and it was so much fun!! also, Happy belated b-day to ruthie!

Emily said...

Great post.

My parents live in the South Bay and felt the earthquake and called me to let me know that they're okay. I had NO idea that there was even an earthquake. What's going on with California right now?!