16 February 2008

Finally, a new (almost) FO

It seems like forever since I finished a knitted project. This one's done, other than blocking. The yarn is Handmaiden's Sea Silk. I've been wanting to try that stuff for some time, and it really is wonderful. This generous-sized scarf took just one skein. I love the colorway, too. Click on the pic for an up close view, and to tsk tsk at all the debris that blew into the pool during a windstorm the other day. And the weeds that need pulling.

I mentioned the other day that Ruthie was sick. She ended up with pancreatitis. Luckily, the kennel staff caught it early, and she seems to be slowly recovering. At least she's home, which makes everyone happy. The trick now is to get her to eat, and hope her liver functions improve. She had acupuncture and a massage on Thursday, and that helped. But here she is enjoying the best medicine of all: cuddling with Thing 2.


Robin's Reports said...

Oh I cannot believe she got that sick while you were gone. I am so thankful that she is on her way to recovering.

What a beautiful scarf. I should have you make gifts for my family this coming Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dephal- I found your pattern for felted bags while I was searching for information about SolReSol, which, by the way, is very hard to find and mostly in French. The link to a SolReSol dictionary posted in your comments on the Island of Misfit Matterns connects to a wireless phone company, and I couldn't figure it out. Any information?
On Tuesday I'm moving to a farm in rural Italy (to herd sheep and make wool! I'm a knitter, too), and we don't have any electricity, so if you don't get a thank-you for many months, please know that your help is appreciated.
P.S. I just crocheted a model for hyperbolic space which has concentric circles spelling out 'brother' as a gift for my brother. If you haven't seen the crocheted pseudosphere project check out the Institute for Figuring's website.
P.P.S. Your kids are really cute.

Emily said...

Great FO. Hope Ruthie feels better soon.

thegabbyknitter said...

The scarf is gorgeous!
Glad to hear Rosie is getting better.

Knatolee said...

Oh my,that scarf is exquisite!!! Hand Maiden is Canadian, ain't it?

ANd I'm glad Ruthie is getting some good cuddles. May her recovery continue speedily!

sibtigre2 said...

Oh! The scarf is gorgeous! I love the colors! I may have to check out the yarn. I am also glad to hear that Ruthie is feeling better. :)