24 February 2008

This 'n' That

  • I saw a mention of a great t-shirt today: "If yarn were meth, I'd have no teeth"
  • When we were on the cruise, I had a manicure (and later a massage) and let the spa people talk me into buying this stuff. It's horrendously expensive--I think I paid $55 on board, and I see it's $52 (plus shipping, I'm sure) on the website, just for one little bottle. And the smell isn't all that spectacular, unless you adore menthol/camphor. But it takes just a pea-sized bit to massage into your neck and shoulders, and then you get a really lovely, intense menthol tingle for over an hour. It's wonderful.
  • Hubby scored us a Wii console a few weeks ago. I'm usually not much into video games, but this thing is fun. Of course, Thing 1 is totally addicted, and I don't feel too awful about it because at least she moves around a lot while she plays. It's a good thing on a gloomy, rainy weekend like this one. Tennis is one of her faves, and she jumps high in the air and swings her arms so much I have to make her take long breaks, otherwise she ends up sore the next day. This weekend she borrowed a Hannah Montana game from someone, which is driving me insane. You have to copy all sorts of dance moves, and then you get to go shopping in various countries. Of course she loves it, and I've caught Hubby playing a couple times, too. But you us poor bystanders have to listen to the same intensely annoying Hannah Montana songs over and over and over again.


Angela said...

At least your gamers can justify the presence of annoying video games by their age. I've got a husband who's been downstairs playing Motor Storm for four hours now. The constant and incredibly nerve-shredding "vrrooom vrooom" noises drive me bananas. I have to stay upstairs when that racket is going on!

So glad to hear Ruthie is doing better. Give her a hug from us!

Knatolee said...

Excellent shirt slogan! I need one.

I played with a Wii once and it was a riot. I'd still like to get one for Gordon. :)