03 March 2008

Spring FOs

I realize what we have barely qualifies as Winter, but still, I love when Spring arrives. If I walk one block north of my house right now, I can look at an almond orchard in full bloom, and the crabapple trees in the parking lot at work smelled so perfumey today you could just about pass out. A pair of mourning doves has been all, well, lovey-dovey in our backyard lately, and this morning a mockingbird in the next door neighbors' tree was ribbeting like a frog. I was distracted at work this morning, too, as a handsome boy crow did his very best to impress a girl crow in the tree outside my window. She was mostly ignoring him. He kept sidling up to her all casual-like, bowing his head deeply in front of her, and posing like that until she flapped away to the next tree limb. She mostly seemed interested in eating bugs or something--he's going to have to try harder.

And I have an FO! I sewed on the buttons last night. This is the Small Origami bag from Folk Bags. It was 14" of seed stitch followed by a mile of i-cord, but I like it. That book has a lot of cute patterns.

I've been making some ATCs lately as well. Here are some I made for a butterfly-themed swap on Swap-Bot:

The dog in the upper right-hand ATC was named Scipio, and he belonged to Orville Wright. According to some links I saw online, Orville acquired him in March 1917. I got the photo from the Library of Congress, which has several nice pictures of this dog. He looks like a happy creature.

On Saturday, Thing 2 saw me making ATCs and decided she wanted to create some of her own:

She planned and made these almost all by herself, which just a tiny bit of help from me. Of course, the kid who comes home from school with her pockets full of rocks was especially impressed with my mica tiles, which you can see she used in two of her cards.

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thegabbyknitter said...

Beautiful bag! It's great crafting with the kids isn't it?