13 March 2008

Birthday Girl!

Furgie turned 19 yesterday! Here she is on my bed this morning, looking mighty good for a cat who's a year beyond legal voting age.


Leanne said...

Happy Birthday, Furgie! So, which candidate has the cat vote?

KarmasKreations said...

Yay Furg! The day before yesterday was Teddy turned 8- not bad for an asthmatic cat whose almost died multiple times! And, on Monday my kitten Roo will be 13!

eve said...

Lovely! Happy birthday to her !!
all the best


Robin's Reports said...

Happy Birthday Miss Furgie. You're still so beautiful!!

Who is she voting for anyhow? I'd love to know with front runner is cat friendly.

Knatolee said...

She looks fantastic. Hard to believe she's 19! She can now drink in Ontario. :)