13 March 2008

Lotsa FO's

No new knitting to show off. I'm working slowly on a pair of goth socks. I only knit them during my free evening hours, while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD (we just began Season 4). And I haven't had many free evening hours. But I've made some more dolls:

I signed up for a 7 Deadly Sins Dotee Swap. You only have to make 1 sin, but I've gotten carried away. I'm hoping to make all 7. But some of the remaining 4 may be more challenging than Sloth, Avarice, and Gluttony.

I also brought home some pottery FO's last night. The moon and stars are components of a celestial thing I'm planning for a bathroom wall. I glazed a rocket ship and planet last night, too. The wonky bowl on the right was An Experiment. And do you dig the lavender color on the squishy bowl? That was a surprise.


Crowzma said...

Love this stuff! I'll take the wonky bowl if you're looking to give it a new home.

thegabbyknitter said...

The dolls are so cute! You pottery is beautiful!

Knatolee said...

I have to tell you, your creativity these days is putting me to shame. You're fabulous!

And I still miss Buffy... sniff.