20 March 2008

You Say It's My Birthday

Actually, my birthday is tomorrow, but early tomorrow we'll be hitting the road for a long weekend in Palm Desert. It should be fun but internetless.

So today I received a package in the mail containing this:

Not the fairies. Those belong to Thing 2. They just wanted to admire my present, which was made my Raquel's Mosaics, and I believe most likely comes to me courtesy of my sister. Nancy knows how much I like cobalt glass.

I like having a birthday. I'm not traumatized about getting older, even though last week Thing 2 asked me, in all seriousness, whether there were dinosaurs when I was a kid (I think that was the same day she asked me, "What did they make people for"--a question I was unable to answer).

I am making painfully slow progress on that pair of socks. I may be able to turn the heel on the second one tonight. So in lieu of an FO, here are a couple fun bits:

  • Spring Knitty is up
  • After reading this, I will no longer complain about Ruthie's recent vet bills
  • I share a birthday with Matthew Broderick, Rosie O'Donnell, Gary Oldman, Florenz Ziegfeld, and Johann Sebastian Bach. Regretably, I missed Fred Rogers and BF Skinner by a day.


KarmasKreations said...

So glad you like it! How could I go wrong with glass in your favorite color!

Knatolee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it's a wonderful one, and have a great trip too. I LOVE your mosaic gift.

Emily said...

Wishing you the best on your birthday!

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday! You're a week after me. I share my birthday with Billy Crystal, Quincy Jones and Albert Einstein.

eve said...

Dear Phyllis
Happy, happy Birthday ! I wish you a great day, lot of lovely moments with your family and yummy gifts ;-))