05 March 2008

Haunted Dotee Doll

Suddenly, everyone seems to be making Dotee dolls. They looked like fun to make, and a good way to use up some of the fabric scraps, beads, and so on that I have stockpiled. So I signed up for the Haunted Dotee swap on Swap-Bot, and voila...my first Dotee doll.

She is...a vampire witch, I guess. Anyway, I'm happy with her, and somewhat tempted to keep her for myself. Some of her beads glow in the dark. And look! A good use for purple Fun Fur yarn! But my favorite part of her is her beady (literally!) silver eyes.


Leanne said...

Love her! And I agree - the eyes have it :-)

Crowzma said...

Ummm ... easy to do if you just happen to have hot pink fabric with skeleton heads on it laying around.

I love the eyes. Wicked!