04 March 2008

This week

So this is my week....

Yesterday I took Thing 1 to karate class, in which she's about to advance from white belt to yellow. As soon as that class ended, I whisked her across town to Girl Scouts, where I was recruited to help the girls assemble tangram puzzles.

Today I'll pick her up right after school and whisk her across town again, this time for Gymnastics.

Tomorrow night I have ceramics.

Thursday night, Thing 1 has a Kool Kats Poetry Night at school, wherein she will be reciting a Shel Silverstein poem about being eaten by a boa constrictor (she chose the poem herself). Meanwhile, on the opposite side of town, Thing 2 will be in Gymnastics class.

Friday, Ruthie has an acupuncture appointment.

I know I have nobody to blame for this schedule but myself. Sigh.


eve said...

Hello Phyllis

Thanks for the comment on the socks! I'm wearing them today as we got snow again this night!

How are you?? Stressed as I can see on your schedule ;-))

Hope it's getting better soon and you have more time for you and your crafts!


Emily said...

That poem is my favorite Shel Silverstein poem! :)