23 February 2008

Stitches West

Sorry for the lack of postings lately. As usual, too much is going on. But yesterday I managed to get to Santa Clara, where I spent the day at Stitches West. Because, you know, I have such a severe yarn shortage. Ahem.

Anyway, here are my favorite things I brought home:

On the left is some Silkie Socks that Rock. Love the colorway. At the top is my find that excited me the most: Kureyon sock yarn! I didn't know such a thing existed. The vendors told me it came out about 6 weeks ago. In the middle is some Malabrigo laceweight baby merino. Soft soft soft. Did I ever mention that I have reason to believe the owners of Malabrigo are distant relatives of mine? I should get a family discount! And the bottom item is glow in the dark yarn. It's pretty scratchy, so I'd only use it as an accent, but it glows a very bright green. And I do love GID stuff.

I was sorely tempted by some yak yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch. The guy there was pointing out pictures of various yaks, telling me their names, and talking about whether they like getting brushed or not. They're pretty animals, and the yarn is really nice. Knatolee, I think you need some yaks. But since we've just racked up nearly $3000 in vet bills for Ruthie (who's doing quite well now) I tried to exercise restraint.

Thing 1 didn't get to go this year because she had school. But Hubby's aunt is visiting, and she's a knitter, so we went together. It was great fun!

I wanna start knitting right this second, but Thing 2 has a birthday party today.


Lauren said...

You lucky dog you! I went to stitches east this year and it was so much fun. We see the stash enhancement, did you have a good time?

Emily said...

You got some fun goodies there. I can't wait to see your FOs. I also want to hear what you think of the Noro sock yarn.

sibtigre2 said...

I have *got* to make it to one of these things sometime. Though I think I'd better save up some money before I go. I suspect I would see a significant increase in my stash after I got home. lol :)

Knatolee said...

Oh my word, what gorgeous yarns you bought!!! I LOVE the colours you chose.

I will consider some yaks, but I think we'll need to improve our fencing first... :)

eve said...

Wow, the yarn looks great - have you seen the hat I knitted with your manos yarn?

Have a look here