09 September 2008

Future Noise

Oh, no.
Look what we're in for now:

Could be worse, I guess. At least it's acoustic and not electric.

Really, the main worry I have is what kind of music she'll want to play on the thing. Kids seem to want music that annoys their parents, and, considering that this Thing's parents have been listening to The Sex Pistols and Tool, respectively, what's she going to choose? Shudder.

On another note, I've actually written the first couple paragraphs of the "I wouldn't have done it" story. Now I know exactly what I wouldn't have done. Once I get the story poured out of my brain and into the computer, you'll know, too. [chuckles evilly]


Knatolee said...

Just count your blessings that it's not a violin...

dephal said...

Eek! Perish the thought, Knatolee!

Actually, when it comes to 4th graders and music lessons, you could do much worse than guitars. Although the poor kid has to drag it back and forth on the bus.