23 September 2008

Tuesday Miscellany

A few comments today:
  • Am considering buying another pair of Docs. These. Can't make up my mind. Input?
  • Shout gel will do a reasonable, if not complete, job of removing black magic marker from beige/tan microsuede upholstery. Ask Thing 2 how I know this.
  • I'm going to go to Warsaw in January (yes, I am slightly insane), and I've begun pricing plane tickets. There are no direct flights from San Francisco to Poland, and, since I have to connect somewhere anyway, I figure maybe I can swing an extra couple days in the connecting city. Right now London's looking like a good bet, but I've been there a couple times already. So maybe Paris. If any of you have been to Paris, I'd surely appreciate tips. Is it worth it for, say, 2 days? What should I see in that short time frame? Where should I stay?
  • Thing 1's 9th birthday is next month and--shhh!! Don't tell her!--we're going to take her to Disneyland. Plus she wants a slumber party.
  • On Sunday we hired an actual babysitter and went to see a movie without Things. We saw Dark Knight, and both really enjoyed it. Lots of stuff blows up. So nice to have occasional grownup time.


Knatolee said...

Well, *I* love them, and I bet they'd look better on your feet than on my size 10 honkers!

Angela said...

Let's see...on the travel, you are a brave woman to go to Poland in January. You'd better take those Doc boots you modeled a few weeks ago! LOL!

I have been to Paris and enjoyed it, but we went in March. I am guessing it is reasonably chilly there in Jan. But the only problem I have with Paris is the expense. Not only (of course) is there the current dollar valuation issue, but everything's just plain more expensive than usual anyway. Like if you could get a Heineken here for $3 in a bar, there it's $16 for two (ask me how I know this...and that was in 1997!!!!!) And that was before they converted to the Euro...shudder to imagine prices there now, with the dollar so far down. :-(

All that to say, if it was me I would probably rather avoid London and Paris altogether, but that's largely for cost and weather/time of year reasons. It is beautiful, however, and you're sure to find some wonderful bistro food and wine to warm you up. When we went, we did a walking tour of the usual attractions, but then again it was warmer.

I'm trying to think of where you could connect that would be a little warmer. Maybe Barcelona?

Knatolee said...

Btw, Poland can't possibly be worse than here in January. Not possible! ;) ALthough I suppose if you don't have central heat...