16 November 2008


It doesn't feel very fall-like today, as the temps topped out near 80. Still, Thanksgiving's drawing near, and I refused to spend the day agonizing about my department budget (although I did get an email from the Dean today indicating the cuts won't be as bad as feared). So I've spent the day making multiple batches of onion rolls, my Thanksgiving staple.

Hubby is going to take the Things to visit his family this year, leaving me to stay home with the pets (there was no room at the doggy inn for Ruthie). That's okay--I'm looking forward to a few days of rest and quiet, actually. But I will roast myself a turkey breast, because it just wouldn't be the same without turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches on onion rolls (yes, I prefer the leftovers to the actual main meal). And I'm making extra rolls so Hubby and the Things can take some with them.

And while I had the flour and the yeast and everything out anyway, I dragged out the bread machine this afternoon and made a loaf of brioche. I'm going to make it into French Toast for dinner tonight, and won't that be yummy?

Is there any better smell in the world than baking bread?


Connordog said...

Oh, I wish you were here, I'd invite you over for Turkey - well if I were going to be home that is!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Robin's Reports said...

Baking bread is one of the best smells in the world.

Have a peaceful holiday!

Robin's Reports said...

Forgot to say that sorry to hear about your budget woes. Jack's company had to let go 662 employees last week. A 2nd wave is coming. I think we'll be safe that cut but who's to say we will be the 3rd cut. Times is tough!

dephal said...

Thanks, Robin and Steph.

And Robin, thanks for the needed reminder that lots of people are having lots of worse budget problems than I am. That's terrible about Jack's work--I'm certainly hoping for you that there's no 3rd wave!!