21 November 2008

Stone Soup Day

Here's a really cute pic of Thing 2 and her friend Tiffany at school today. Tiffany has the most adorable blonde ringlets, which T2 covets. T2's adorable, too, of course, but not her hair, which she took it upon herself to cut last Saturday morning before her parents came downstairs. Sigh. At least this time she wasn't playing outside in her pajamas.

T2's school has Stone Soup Day every year, and today was it. Each of the kids brings a particular food item (we contributed onion rolls this year), the teachers make soup and other things, and parents get to join the kids for lunch. I never get to go because T2's school is a 45 minute drive from my office, but Hubby, who works only 3 blocks from her, does get to go. So he took this pic.

And here's T2 (who, as you can see, is currently into tatts) decapitating her dessert.


Crowzma said...

That is such an earnest decapitation. Save this. It will come in handy later in life as black mail. :)

dephal said...

Oh, I have better material than this!

Actually, Thing 1 came home from school horrified today because her friend had Googled her and discovered a page full of her baby pictures, including one where she's wearing only a diaper and a hat, and a *boy* was sitting nearby and saw the pic of topless baby T1 and it was *really* embarrassing and I'd better take that picture off the internet RIGHT NOW!

:-> [laughs evilly!]