05 November 2008


Okay, first off, I'm thankful for a few things. The damn election is over. Yay! I am, of course, pleased about Obama, and even more pleased that there are only 75 days left of President Stupidhead. I'm also happy about a couple of the ballot measures.

On the other hand, I'm deeply disappointed that Prop 8, the anti-gay marriage measure, passed. Whatever people's own views might be on the issue, why on earth should they care so much about other people's marriages? After all, I can think of lots of straight couples that I don't think should be married, but then that's really none of my frigging business. I'm also appalled at how much time, energy, and money the Yes on 8 people put into this, especially the local churches. If you think gay marriage is a bad idea, fine, but aren't there much more pressing issues? Things like poverty, abuse, war, and inequality?

I'm officially off my soapbox now on this issue.


Anonymous said...

Why is it odd that people put a lot of money into fighting an issue close to their hearts?

Obama spent plenty of money to make sure they got people registered & out to the polls to help vote in his favor.

I don't see the difference.

dephal said...

I don't think it's odd that people put a lot into an issue close to their hearts. In fact, I think that's admirable. I'm just disappointed that *this* is the issue that seems so close to so many people's hearts.

For instance, California also had a ballot issue for a bond issue for children's hospitals. I never saw a single Yes on 3 sign, or received a single Yes on 3 phone call, or saw a single Prop 3 supporter with a sign. Seems to me, children's health is more important to than who other people marry. (Incidentally, Prop 3 did win, although it did not get a majority in my county.)

Knatolee said...

Gay marriage, totally legal in Canada, and no longer an issue! (Well, there are still people against it, of course, but even the right-wing prime minister has thrown in the towel in overtunring it.) I am very glad that my gay friends have as much right as anyone else to choose marriage, or not!