30 January 2006

Goths, Olympians, and Terrorists

Those whose taste tends towards goth might enjoy a new online knitting mag, The AntiCraft. The first issue's title is, "You're Going to Die Anyway, so You Might as Well Knit." There are patterns for a voodoo doll, skull armwarmers, and several other items. Actually, while there's certainly nothing cutesy-cutesy here, the designs aren't actually all that goth, really. Even those whose wardrobe includes colors other than black might find something they like. My only complaint is that some of the photos are so artsy that it's hard to get a good idea of what the item really looks like.

Yarn Harlot is hosting a Knitting Olympics event. The idea is each contestant chooses a project that will challenge her, casts on during the Olympics opening ceremony, and finishes before the Olympics do. I won't be participating because I'll be in London for a chunk of that time, and because what should be 22 hours of perfect knitting time is ruined by the fact that Virgin does not allow knitting needles in carry-on luggage. I suppose this makes sense. We all know about the links between knitting and terrorism.


Catheryn said...

Just fyi, I just travelled to London over the holidays and had no problem at all with bringing my needles on the plane as well as a pair of child's scissors which I was prepared to surrender. The other alternative that has worked for me in the past on UK flights is to knit on circulars. I also had no trouble at Heathrow either where there are signs stating you can't bring knitting needles on planes but I have seen my fair share of knitters on those flights and at the airport past security.

dephal said...

Well, that's good to know. Thanks, Catheryn! I think I may try to bring a project on-board after all. I'll just do my best to look non-terroristic (Darn! I guess I'll have to leave my Osama bin laden t-shirt at home ;-)). I've previously read the suggestion that knitters carry with them a small, stmaped, slef-addressed, padded envelope, so that if your needles are seized, you can at least mail them home.

Knatolee said...

I took a sock project and teeny bamboo needles on my recent Singapore Airlines flight and just waited to see what happened... nothin'! I nearly finished an entire sock while we were gone and did lots of knitting on the plane without a secret agent taking me down. :)

Hey, your trip to London looked GREAT. Sorry about the camera, though. :(

dephal said...

Glad to hear you weren't picked up as a terrorist, Knatolee! Maybe Canadians just look innocent.

As for the camera, oh well. Maybe a good excuse to buy a new one!