15 January 2006


Thing 1 models her new hoody. The yarn is the natural-colored wool from KnitPicks that she and I Kool-Aid dyed several months ago. She chose the colors herself. The pattern is from Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch. I think it turned out cute. I wish I'd made it a little longer. It's fine for now, but she grows so fast! Oh well, Thing 2 can inherit it later. I do like the way the yarn color worked out, and the whole thing still smells faintly of Kool-Aid, which isn't a bad thing. Now if she'll only wear it. Thing 1's thermostat is apparently set really high, and I have to argue with her to wear anything but a t-shirt on even the coldest days. Or maybe it's the perpetual motion that keeps her running warm.

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