23 January 2006

Tell me about your mother...

As promised, fresh off the needles...it's Knitted Sigmund!

I used the "Knit Your Own Rock Star Pattern" (Henry Rollins version) from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation as the body template. But the facial features and clothes design were my own creation. Siggy was a bit fiddly to make, mainly because of all the layers of clothes, but I did enjoy adding a pocket watch chain and, of course, the cigar.

When I began this project, I didn't know that Anna knitted. I may have to knit an Anna as well.

For now, I can imagine a friendship that may, perhaps, exist in the Hereafter:

1 comment:

knittinkitty said...

Your Sigmund is too cute! My mom's dr collects Freuds...we got her a bobblehead last Christmas, so maybe this for next? hm.

The rock star patterns are so flexible...I made my boss the Rock out of Henry R, & my best friend Bob Marley out of Joey R. (I took Joey & turned him into Clay Aiken for myself :-D )