14 February 2006

Back in the USA

I didn't have time to blog while I was gone. And I didn't get to do any yarn shopping, although we saw lots and lots of sheep. The afternoon we wen to the V&A, they had the floor with the textiles closed off for some reason, but I did see some very old knitted items at the Museum of London (which is definitely worth a visit in any case).

To the right is the ceiling of the Grand Court in the British Museum. By the way, the British Museum has very hard floors. Ask my camera. And that is why there are no pictures here of Stonehenge, which we visited after.

Here is Genuine British Dish Soap. I'm not sure why I took a picture of this; I guess to show even dish soap can be a little exotic when you're abroad.

And now it's time for my Ode to Clapotis. We lucked out in that it was clear almost the whole week we were in London (actually, they're having a drought). But it was also quite cold, especially to those of us who are acclimated to California. I wore my clapotis every day, and it was wonderful. It was warm, soft, and snuggly against my neck. No scratchiness at all. And unlike some scarves, it did not tend to shift around or tighten up around my neck; it just stayed put like a nice little thing. It wasn't too bulky to stuff under my coat. If I lived in a colder climate I would knit clapotis in every color I could.

Here is my clapotis visiting the Tate Modern:

And finally, when we were at the Museum of London we saw a painting from the late 19th century that depicts the members of a theatre company. And look what was front and center in the painting:

According to the caption, the Saint is "Mr Smith's dog."

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