27 February 2006

When Life Interferes with Hobbies

I haven't had much time to knit lately. First there was our trip, and then there was all the work waiting for me when I got back from the trip. There was also the beginning of the semester. And then this weekend, hubby decided to paint our bedroom and bathroom. This is a good thing, as these rooms were previously decorated in Builder's Cheap White Flecked with Dried Dog Drool. The bedroom is now a glorious Cornflower with American Anthem trim, and the bathroom will soon be Laurel Mist (who makes these names up??). But his painting meant I spent the entire weekend on Child Entertainment Duty, a task made worse by the rainy weather that has descended upon us. So, not much knitting.

I did take the camera in this weekend to get it fixed. They said it would cost $200, so nevermind. For exactly $201, I have ordered a new one that's half the size of the broken one, and has more and better features. It does seem a shame to just toss the old one, but I haven't yet though of a creative use for a camera with a busted lens mechanism.

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