18 February 2006

Great Day

This morning I left the Things in the able hands of their father and I made the 100 mile drive to Santa Clara. It was a great morning for it. The Diablos were rich emerald green, spotted with cows and an occasional tree in full flower, and sprinkled with snow at the very tippy tops. My destination? Stitches West.

I arrived just after the market opened and had to get in a long line, even though I had pre-bought my ticket. However, the line moved very quickly and soon I was inside. I spent over 4 hours (and who knows how many dollars) inside. If my camera weren't broken, I'd post a picture of my haul. But it'll just have to suffice to say I came away with hand-painted angora and cashmere, banana fiber (!) rayon in lollipop colors, a big skein of Socks that Rock, and some dyed roving for needle felting. Of course, much, much more caught my eye as I was there, but because I already have a closetfull of yarn, I tried to keep myself under control.

My only real complaint about the market was that at times the crowds were so overwhelming that it was hard to browse. For example, Habu Textiles had a booth, and I would really have liked to take my time and examine some of their intriguing fibers, but I couldn't even get near them.

On my way home the sunlight was that particular ethereal color it gets when the sun has to peek between rain clouds. As I crossed over the Altamont the air was actually clear enough for me to see across the entire valley, all the way to the snowy Sierras. The radio was playing some of my favorite songs, there was nobody else in the car to complain when I sang along, and I didn't even mind when I got stuck in traffic, as usual, in Tracy.


Knatolee said...

Ooooooh! I wish I could have been there. Sounds AWESOME!

dephal said...

Well, next year you can come on down to Claifornia and go with me!