16 February 2006


Some more random comments from our trip:

1. Stonehenge is really cool. You can't get right up to the rocks, and it was pretty crowded even on a cold February day, but it's still cool.

2. London sort of reminds me of New York, but cleaner and with politer people. You hardly every hear Londoners honk, and they will stop to let pedestrians cross the road. Within a block of the Earl's Court Tube station, which was near our hotel, I met a well-dressed middle-aged gentleman who offered to carry my suitcase up a flight of stairs, and then wished us a good trip; another well-dressed middle-aged man who saw us reading a menu in a restaurant window, and stopped to give us a bunch of (good!) tips on where to eat; and a sweet waitress at a Chinese restaurant who asked us all about California and gave us all sorts of suggestions on what to visit in London, which Tube stops to use, and where to avoid pickpockets.

3. It horrifies me that I could have legally driven a car in London. It would probably take me years of being a menace on the road to get used to driving on the left.

4. If a particular ritual was silly 500 years ago, it isn't any less silly now.

5. Despite the weather, February is the perfect time to visit London. We walked right into watch the Houses of Commons and Lords without queuing at all, and practically had the Tower of London to ourselves.


Knatolee said...

1976 was the last time I was able to visit Stonehenge and climb all over the rocks (I was 12 at the time!) When I went again in 1978, it was all roped off and I was sorely disappointed. But I can see how people climbing all over them will eventually wear them away. :)

It's not that hard driving on the left, btw. You'd be amazed how quickly you get used to it!

dephal said...

YOU got used to it quickly. The only reason I didn't get creamed as a pedestrian is most intersections warn you which way to look for traffic.

That would have been cool to climb on Stonehenge. But they do get a LOT of visitors. But there are lots of other stones in Wiltshire that are completely uncommercialized, and you can walk right up to, like in Avebury. The ancient residents of Wiltshire apparently had a lot of time on their hands, which they spent moving big rocks and huge piles of dirt.