15 March 2006

Age or Ignorance?

Yesterday in class, I mentioned the song White Rabbit (it was relevant to the discussion, honest). Seventy pairs of eyes stared at me blankly. So, I helpfully added, "It's a song. By Jefferson Airplane." More blank stares.

So I was feeling pretty ancient, and the fact that my birthday's next week isn't helping.

Then after class, one of the students stoppped by my office to ask a question. He noticed my small collection of Freud toys. "What are those toys?" he asked. "Sigmund Freud," I replied. Brief pause. "Who's Sigmund Freud?"


So it's not that I'm old, it's just that my students are ignorant.

1 comment:

Bestplace said...

I get the same stares from the folks I work with. I think that means I AM old.