09 December 2006

Another great package

Liz in Thailand sent me a package so very full of goodies I could barely get them all in one picture. And I don't even know where to begin listing them! See those CDs in the lower right? That's three CDs full of music and pictures and videos! There are packets of spices (I love Thai food) and candy and gum and dried fruit and tea. There are postcards and stickers and a bunch of fun little things, and a stuffed cat, and soap, and beautiful chopsticks, and that gorgeous paper beneath the pile. And, of course, a "God save the King" shopping bag--I don't know how I've managed to survive this long without one of those. I had such a great time just pulling all of these wonderful things out of the package! Thanks so much, Liz!!


Lauren and Bodhi said...

Have you seen this:


Your pattern is famous! That makes you famous! Yay!

amirah said...

Wow another package! fun for me to see all the packages you get :)! how do you manage so many swaps at one time?!! :P

dephal said...

I really only have been doing a couple of swaps at once. It's just been taking so long for some overseas packages to get here, that they arrive long after I've sent off my box. Liz, for example, sent this to me well over a month ago. I don't know whether to blame the post office or customs.