02 December 2006

Saturday Night

It's that time of year when time is in extra short supply. I wish people could give me festively wrapped hours and minutes as gifts. I've managed one and one-quarter socks for family member with long feet lately, and that's about it.

Today we did escape to Berkeley for a few hours. It was a pretty day there, low 60's and sunny. We visited Black Oak Books and then we ate at Saul's, a deli on Shattuck. This is is the area known as the Gourmet Ghetto. Quite a few people were picnicking today in the grass in the median strip down the middle of Shattuck.

I guess because I'm just generally tired and stressed lately, people are ticking me off. Among the latest miscreants:
  • everybody who attempts to drive while yack yack yacking on their phones
  • the woman yesterday at the post office who saw the loooong line of cars waiting for a parking spot, walked ever so slowly to her car, and then sat there and read her mail
  • students who repeatedly miss class and then email me to ask questions I've already answered in class
  • academic administrators
  • the postal service--or maybe it's customs--which is taking frigging forever to get me packages from overseas
  • people who walk into my office, see me trying to do 4 things at once, and then ask, "Are you busy?"


Kelly said...

People talking on cellphones while driving drives me crazy! Hope things slow down a little for you!

Anonymous said...

People who talk on the phone while driving are like impaired drivers (well, they ARE impaired drivers!) Only one Canadian province has banned talking on cell phones will driving: Newfoundland. Bravo, I say!

As a bumper sticker I like says: Hang up and drive!